Landing Craft sales, both new and used, compliment the selected market range offered by Commercial Marine Brokers, this business unit has been developed to open up new markets in regions that were previously considered too hard by other brokerage firms.

With hand selected shipyards in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, Commercial Marine Brokers have established the very best supply of newbuild landing crafts. Our yards have been chosen against many others and are strategically located to supply global markets.

The quality of newbuild landing craft differs greatly throughout the world, Commercial Marine Brokers have positioned our company to offer the very best value for money dependent on the buyer’s requirements and budget.

Our Indian based shipyard builds the highest quality steel landing craft we offer, with the pricing being the most attractive for the quality. This yard is owned and managed by Australian shipbuilders who have trained and secured employment using local tradespeople, the result has been high end quality at an incredible value.

ANZAC Design, Australian and New Zealand Aluminium Construction is an exclusive design to Commercial Marine Brokers, this design was released in collaboration with Australian Marine Technology and offers a range of aluminium craft and ships including aluminium landing craft.

30m New Build LCT Whitsunday

USD $1,250,000

45m Landing Craft

USD $600,000

54m Landing Craft

USD $800,000

38.5m New build Passenger Landing Craft

USD $620,000

76m Landing Craft *Under construction*

USD $2,100,000

46m Shallow Draft Landing Craft New build

USD $2,550,000

35m New build Landing Craft Container

79m Landing Craft Tank

USD $1,900,000

45.5m Landing Craft

USD $550,000

50m Landing Craft

USD $550,000

37m New build Landing Craft

USD $399,000

31m New build Landing Craft

USD $390,000

31m New build Landing Craft

USD $320,000

Reconditioned main engines

65m Fuel Carrier Landing Craft

USD $3,500,000

47.5m Landing Craft


47m Landing Craft RoPax

USD $1,600,000

New build 39m 52 Passenger Landing Craft

USD $1,433,000

48m Landing Craft

USD $700,000

37.5m Landing Craft

USD $380,000

45m Landing Craft Passenger Ferry

USD $1,400,000

53m Landing Craft

USD $1,500,000

45m Landing Craft

USD $995,000

31.5m New Landing Craft

USD $299,000

43.5m Landing Craft

USD $560,000

New build

31m Landing Craft

USD $475,000

37.5m Landing Craft New build

USD $710,000

64m Landing Craft (fuel carrier)

USD $1,350,000

39m Landing Craft

USD $760,000

39m Landing Craft

USD $1,280,000

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