ANZAC MF Multi-Tool Amphibious Dredger  



ANZAC Design MF MULTI-TOOL is an amphibious multipurpose dredger for shallow depth performing various jobs alone using different attachments. Jobs it can perform with ease include dredging, clearing and piling on dry land, muddy & swamp conditions and in water depth up to 6.57m. This compact equipment provides an excellent alternative against various other machines capable to perform single tasks only. It can be transported by truck and is able to load and unload itself from truck on its own.















Vessel condition: New Build

Vessel type: Amphibious Multipurpose Dredger

Year constructed: 2019

Class Society: Lloyds Register

No. of engines: 1

Engine model: Caterpillar

Fuel type: Diesel

Length overall: 15m


Engine: a Turbo Charged Caterpillar Engine is provided.
Hydraulics: Hydraulics for dredging and stabilizers is powered by a 270HP, water cooled diesel engine.
Crane: Integrated Crane of 1 T for loading and unloading of detachable pontoons
Excavator: The Excavator boom has reach of 7.3m with depth covering up to 6.57m, while its arm can rotate 180 degrees. Providing
83 kN breakout force from Bucket Cylinder, 47kN Digging force from Arm Cylinder & 24.5kN lifting capacity at max. Reach. The unit also has side shift available.
Hull: Hull is secured with 6 watertight compartments, and painted with anti-fouling outside.
Cabin: Air Conditioned, Noise Resistant with excellent visibility and comfortable cabin provided and is also ROPS certified.
Stability: Has two front stabilizers, with maximum depth of 5m and two rear stabilizers with maximum depth of 6.75m along with two detachable pontoons, one on each side of the dredger provides high stability.


** Constructed to Lloyds Register Classification **
Amphibious Vehicle 
Moves Independently
Working depth-up to 6.57 m 
Integrated crane of 1 T capacity Cost- efficient
Self Propelled
Noise resistant cabin
Minimum downtime
Self loading and unloading
Transport by Road 


Standard: Cutter Section Dredge Head - It consists of a rotating cutter head, which is able to cut hard soil or rock into fragments. The dredged material is then pumped ashore using onboard pump and a floating pipeline or loaded into a split hopper barge moored alongside.
Option: Clamshell Bucket - The clam shell bucket consists of a grab of 600L, used in grabbing of dredged material in its closed shell and then discharging it the required place or nearby barge.
Option: Backhoe Bucket - It consists of a bucket which digs the sea bed and the dredged material is then carried in its 600l bucket and discharged to the desired location.
Option: Rake - Made up of grates, it is used in removal of debris from ponds and canals, or unwanted vegetation growth. A large amount of material can be removed in single go and this dredged material can be then offloaded to adjacent barge.
Option: Piling Bucket - Small Piling can be done using Pile Bucket. This attachment is useful for wooden piles as well as small steel/PVC type Piles
Option: Hydraulic Piling Hammer - It uses its high frequency vibration to vibrate pile body and passes the vertical vibration to pile which leads to changes the soil structure around the pile, thus reducing its strength. Then with the combination of excavator down force, Vibrating pile hammer and Pile body weight, the pile sinks into the ground.
Option: Rock Breaker - The hydraulic rock breaker is able to apply a very high pressure from its small canister of pressurized hydraulic oil, thus is used for reducing the size of big rocks into manageable small pieces.

multipurpose dredger
amphibious dredger
multitool dredger
ANZAC dredger
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USD $470,000

As brokers only. Details believed to be correct but not warranted. A buyer or charterer should investigate or verify the details, or instruct their agents or surveyors to do so, as the buyer or charterer desires validated, prior to entering into any kind of a commitment. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale or charter, price change or withdrawal without notice.

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